Vivan Toponymic Wars!

Vivan toponymic wars! We are inventing a new user exonyms: Macalla (talk contr. Bloq.). It is also very active. Anybody is encouraged to review their attacks topon micos Catalans – Dodo 08:12 16 Jan 2007 (CET) I read the title of the post and do not know why I have discerned that the message was yours: P. – Emijrp (talk contr.) 21:05 16 Jan 2007 (CET) 0wned. – Dodo 07:49 17 Jan 2007 (CET) According to him, being ed by the rules (WP: CT). I think he has acted in good faith and sought to defend his position. Gustr nico ( , ) 14:49 17 Jan 2007 (CET) … which needed to trample WP: E. Well that’s good. – Dodo 16:08 17 Jan 2007 (CET) « First case for WP: CRC Txo (Talk) 15:49 17 Jan 2007 (CET) I have seen some of the transfers made by Macalla, and I think you’re following the rules. In shipments as I can see, there is no explicit indication of sources.In WP: CT Names of sites indicated that co-official languages must go to sources to prove the Castilian names and even what specific sources (the spelling of the SAR and two dictionaries of place names). I would ask the user to ensure that the place name or Castilian is mentioned in reliable sources before making shipments, and that indicated in the summary, to avoid work useless. Hentzau (Talk) 16:21 17 Jan 2007 (CET) will have to wait until the blockade that has puesto.Txo14: 49 17 Jan 2007 (CET talk: Txo talk ) 17:45, 17 January 2007 (CET) Dear Wikipedians: I know that I am still blocked, but I write to defend myself against certain allegations that have been falsely about me and about the injustice that has occurred over me recently, in my opinion.The user / librarian Dodo has blocked me as I discuss reasons: Dodo is breaking my Castilian translation work great number of toponyms (San Juli n de Vallfogona, Ullestret …) that are in other languages, and therefore fail wikipedia standards under the rules (WP: CT) and those Votaciones/2006/Sobre left the place names of places with more than one official language in addition to Castilian . This is being done without any knowledge, also accusing me of being illiterate.I sent the following message: Shipments that do change names, do you agree with WP: CT or inventions you – Dodo 07:53 16 Jan 2007 (CET) I took very ill, and I will answer the following, which also attach it knew about the rules of wikipedia: Are you talking about something beautiful All I’m doing is moving the place names are in another language to Castilian, which is as it should be in accordance with the rules is wikipedia (WP: CT) and those who left the place names of places Votaciones/2006/Sobre with more than one official language in addition to Castilian , which I have read and I do not think I’m doing anything wrong, I think is what I’m doing good. If you go to a crusade against my , I’ll be notified appreciate you more than anything else in order to « defend » it would be a detail on your part.PD: no me again of what uscaro change, because, strange as it sounds, if the dictionary of the RAE, you’ll see is right, like EUSC and Basque language. Believe me that to write without knowing that then I can erase someone else understood not bother to write (I have better things to do), what bothers me is if you get the smartass on duty, who does not know what is the issue, and I undo my work. Not that I’m going to pass. I am very new in these parts, but I’m not stupid. God be with you sir .– Macalla 18:09 16 Jan 2007 (UTC) Retrieved from « Discusi C3 B3n: Dodo » To which I again said: You blocked by the insults I received (WP: E) and that you confirm that you are continuing to violate WP: CT. I pray that when you come back well have to justify your shipments to exonyms nonexistent with any source of those in the vote seem to know so well despite being so new in these parts. A greeting.- Dodo 18:14 16 Jan 2007 (UTC) Retrieved from « Discusi C3 B3n: Macalla » Yes, I’m changing names, but all in accordance with the standards. « Sources Then they asked Wikipedia: – Celdr n Gom riz Pancracio: Dictionary of Spanish place names and their gentile. Espasa Calpe, 2002. ISBN 8467001461. / Y – Pan-Hispanic Dictionary of doubt (2005). How to prove that the consultants and that is where I’m doing sack Do not know. I called sources, and even gave me an opportunity to brag. Just when I was writing the message here at the Cafe where she was to expose the sources, I let her record and I get that Dodo has blocked me … Apart from the books also nominated, I draw the names of the website: http://www. cn comp.htm, which contains the names of the localities in Castilian Catalan before they suddenly changed the name to Bill.

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