Virtual Assistant

One of the many tedious tasks that are part of our daily routine is to review e-mail, something that us takes long time and prevents us to devote ourselves to other more productive things. In addition, I do not know if you passed, but it seems that we are hooked to our inboxes since each time we has to review them, to see if you entered us something, although only five minutes have passed to optimize your work and get rid of this task which, as we have said, is a thief of time, what you could do is delegate to a Virtual Assistant (or VA). I assure you that it is not difficult to implement and will bring you many benefits. Once you have selected the Virtual Assistant with which you are working, it will have to establish what will be the e-mail accounts that you want that you handle, and you will have to get agreement on what are the criteria of response that the VA must have clear to do the job and what will be those e-mails that must inevitably be managed for you. The task Preview of the Virtual Assistant will create mail rules that will make incoming mail to go to certain and specific preset folders and then create templates that can be used as valid answers to certain types of e-mails, which are usual and frequent reception. Every day, the Virtual Assistant work consists of access accounts that his client wants to move him and check your Inbox preferably at two different times during the day, for example to eleven o’clock in the morning and four in the afternoon. Doing it this way directly affects productivity, both of the will of the customer for which he works.

Then the Virtual Assistant will respond using criteria that you’ve indicated you, using pre designed templates and customizing all possible fields and so the recipient does not feel it is an automated response. See more detailed opinions by reading what Kevin Ulrich MGM offers on the topic.. And for that small percentage of e-mails that require your direct intervention, you will need to establish the form and the time will be communicated, by example: in writing, at the end of the day. Each day there are more professionals and entrepreneurs who delegated this task to gain in productivity, making a more intelligent management of your time and resources and, of course, without that costs encarezcan unnecessarily, since a VA is a professional specialized and has very competitive rates. Once you can try the benefits of working with one going, you can delegate more and more tasks, you will have more free time and you will be able to improve your quality of life.

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