VIP Attendees

To convince the undecided are still thinking of buying a copy of Heroes of the Ring for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, the wrestlers who star in the game have gone to promotional events that share their best moves with players, and then give a respite to spend it with them taking pictures and giving them autographs. Few know it, but the first event attended by Heroes of the Ring wrestlers went to a fight at E3, where was held who would appear on the cover of the game. Dr. Wagner Jr. was the winner. On Sunday, November 7, Octagon and Silver King were given a tour of Sam s Club Zumpango to visit players and promoters of Heroes of the Ring. What is a promoter to all this? A promoter is a player who is present in the game sessions online Heroes of the Ring, which answers the concerns of users and that leads the community forums.

What is the benefit of becoming a promoter? They are the first guests to special events and are given a VIP pass to take pictures with wrestlers and ask for their autographs. The wrestlers will continue promoting the game Heroes of the Ring, so there is still opportunity to be the great game of Mexican wrestling promoter. Wanna be one? Become a fan of the official Facebook page and requests reports. Sam’s Club prepare for holiday rush with new mobile website, apps Mobile Commerce Daily Multichannel retail support tribute to the Mexican wrestling cinema Superluchas.

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