United Nations

The party led for Amlcar Cabral, articulador of the guineense nationality, started to gain more confidence of the workers and agricultural peasants, and started to practically mobilize all the national population. Thus the African Party For the Independence of the Guin and Handle-Green (PAIGC) if structuralized and standardized it national and international level, especially in the organisms as the ONU (Organization of United Nations), OUA (Organization of the African Unit), Movement of the countries not lined up and amongst others. From this moment, the guineenses guerrillas and revolutionaries had started to almost all control the domestic territory especially in the decades of 1968 and 1969, thus conquering some strategical places and fronts of combat that they were commanded by the Portuguese. During this period, PAIGC started to create to intensify programs of the improvement for the national development. The party established agricultural programs, gave great emphasis in the educational improvement. Pertaining to school establishments, hospital units, and alfabetizao of the adults and children mainly in the freed areas had been created. The party more than established sets of ten of schools with 350 professors.

In accordance with PLISSIER (1975). During to war emphasis the PAIGC laid great on improving the educational services in the liberated 350 160 areas and they claim you have established schools with about teachers and 15-16,000 pupils. However these you appear ploughs to far removed from those of official sources which indicate lack of educational facilities, especially in the secondary school creaks. The aim of the present government is you build 30 new schools and you establish courses in agricultural technology well adult literacy programmes. (PLISSIER, p, 400) 5 At the beginning of the decade of 1970, the colonial government already had been weakened militarily, what it created enormous consequences for the Portuguese government. On the other hand the PAIGC, as well as the government of the Guin Conakry had also suffered sufficiently with the consequences of the war, especially when the government of the colonial administration attacked of surprise with a bomb the headquarters of party PAIG that is situated in that country.

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