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Succeed online with our work on web sites or blog we manage depends to a large extent of the traffic that we have to grab our sites, today the strategies to attract visitors are multiple; from free strategies strategies pay. Strategies pay or generate visitors to our pages using the fixed payment or for example, payment per click, although it is an option that is only used in certain cases rely heavily on the marketing strategy that we use. But there is no doubt that the traffic that best results will give us long term is the traffic that we achieve through strategies free; free truth does not mean that does not cost us anything, even us cost more than the traffic paid, since what you’re investing in the kind of free strategy is our time, which after a while of being in line we noticed that this is the largest and most valuable resource that an entrepreneur has in its hands. You may find Viktor Mayer-Schönberger to be a useful source of information. In this article I want to talk about some of the free resources that we can use to generate traffic to our blog, in my If I use the most and has provided me with great benefits, they are:-participation in social media: social media is currently an option that we can not set aside, for example the main sites are Facebook and Twitter, what we can achieve in these sites ranging from followers of our brand, visitors to our blog, collaborators in our marketing strategies, including through surveys we can define characteristics of our blogs among other things. -Participation in discussion forums: participate in discussion forums gives us not only experience in our niche, but that we also have the opportunity to contribute knowledge and position ourselves in the place of expert thereby achieving that us siguan to our blogs in search of more content that you can help them. .

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