The World Never Seemed So Small

Technologies – the world never seemed so small! The ambition human being in discovering new technologies to improve and to become the life most comfortable, always folloied the man in all its history, since the time of the first discoveries as the fire, the writing and the wheel, until the present. When the computer appeared, its use was restricted to few tasks. Nowadays, it occupies great prominence in our society, carrying through since the tasks simpler as to write documents, to create electronic spread sheets to manage costs personal, the communication between people, purchases on-line, until the control and management of all an organization. Them computers to arrive at the technological point where if they find today, some decades of intense research had been necessary so that new technologies were used in the production of them. With all this advance, it was possible to popularize and to commercialize the computers large-scale, a time that its cost was being each time accessible minor and its programs for use. The computer became popular, when the people had started to believe that it could really assist in diverse professional and domestic tasks.

The language to work with computers also evolved, of its functioning basically for commands until simply clicar on one link. In parallel to the popularizao and evolution in terms of software and the hardware, the development of a net occurred that was capable to be linked to other nets. This net later if would become the world-wide net of computers that we know for Internet. The Internet all caused a new revolution in the societies of the planet. The world-wide communication became simple, cheap and much more fast and efficient. Today, a person located in any part of the world can talk with another one at any time, since that both the parts have access to the Internet. The first notice on linked nets in Brazil had appeared in 1988, when universities and centers of research searched to communicate themselves with institutions in the United States.

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