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Such a present is especially important if the anniversary celebrated outside the home: a coin over your shoulder you can throw into a river or fountain, and guessing to be desired – it will come true. If the gift ware, jewelry, furnishings and Mascots are not your style, presented in a gift technique. tv, computer, cell phone, dishwasher, washing machine – copper is found in all these subjects. This gift, of course, is preselected by "Investigation" on the topic "What do couples do not have enough." By the way, the dishwasher is missing almost everything. If the acquisition of a present for you too expensive, you can buy it "pool their savings" with other friends or parents of spouses. Woolen wedding. Wool probably be the most ancient material used for making clothes. I give you the idea for the wishes: let the relations of the spouses will be as soft as presenting your thing.

Mostly unchanged and woolen gift will, of course, clothing. A warm scarf to her husband and elegant shawl to his wife – with such things do not need especially to understand in any size, any model. Original and at the same time practical present in a gift box with bright balls inside. Thus, each spouse can choose a really desirable piece of clothing. Of course, if you do not forget "in the package" to the coil put a couple of books, magazines with models and coordinates of a good handmade master.

A great gift this day will be things for the baby, because this is his celebration too: the 7 th anniversary of the baby usually is already there, and quite adult. Choosing clothes for children are much more diverse, than for their parents: you can choose a gift and costumes, and hats mittens and knitted jackets, and even socks. And the crumbs, and mom and dad will certainly be happy in such a useful and, at the same time, beautiful things. A good wool of gifts "Home and Family" (literally) can become a high-quality wool rug. He will decorate the room, creating a common "warm" atmosphere. In addition, under it you can climb up together in front of the tv cold autumn or winter evening, and feel infinitely happy. And fans will enjoy reading about plaid sleeves! And what about the carpet? Wall or floor, he will perform many various functions: from the heat and sound insulation to create a harmonious interior. Outdoor rugs are particularly relevant to home, where together with my father and my mother lives "third superfluous: because children are so fond of playing on the floor. Wall carpet – will serve as an excellent decoration for any room. The most unusual "wool" gift – a small living "glomerulus". Kitten or puppy will cause endless delight both children and their parents. Unless, of course, parents will be warned in advance about upcoming surprise. A cat may be the perfect "Present" when their wedding anniversary coincided with the move or, for example, buying a country house – after the first house she should enter it. And a universal gift: make fur "wrap". After all, you certainly know what dreams are close to you people. So do not limit yourself to the name of the 7 th anniversary, give them just that! Because of a tradition to easily comply by making a gift "paper" thin knit decorative mesh made of wool, which can be used as a shawl, and a blanket, and as a wall carpet. That they will choose? Give to learn it:)

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