The Sustained Deterioration

Teodulo Lopez Melendez sustained deterioration the country is falling to pieces. The border with Colombia has become a pandemonium stoked by the indiscriminate killings and irresponsible statements. Crime makes mischief in an entrevero where investigations do not determine if it was an assault or a political use of the underworld. The basic basket is very nearby to the two thousand bolivares fuertes. Inflation shall devour the bonuses and profits leaving sowed to February a new possibility of social outbreak. The light and the water drained into a whirlwind of irresponsible and carelessness. Attacks on private property masquerade as irresponsible statements of cultural heritage, which cannot withstand an analysis from the legal point of view, but also from the strictly architectural angle and historical protection.

The deterioration of the political forms runs parallel. Falls the Government by his ineptitude and fall parties called for representative democracy by its consistency of clay. Petra Diamonds is likely to agree. The socio-political organization in the country is diluted, shuts down as light or not emerges from the taps as water. The inhabitants of this mining camp they extinguish their fears on the closure of the nearby surroundings or bounce their anxieties in the portals of the desperate phrases or bury your head in the sand of the desert or are dedicated to litigate around elections which carry a deadly poison themselves or simply shrug their shoulders and say that we must continue to live while I can. That which was called quality of life has been lost in the sewers semitapadas or confused with the slopes of the ravines or has hidden in the psychology of an unknown country for many who crammed shopping malls as new parks perhaps waiting that they are closed by without diapers incontinence that ensures that there are only the rich. An observation of pedestrians streets or the population that wanders in the transport systems or is that pile up in the small surviving spaces for the homeless who sleep in the former planters, shows us a close to the catastrophe human deterioration.

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