The State

The State does not have to harass to the universities, to asphyxiate them and to leave them in his budgets, must guarantee and provide the right wage to them, worthy of those who the qualification and formation of their professionals help in, of that they comprise of the university, must support them in his management, perform one’s duty and avoid that the demotivation is pronounced that much damage has originated to him to the universities, until the end, to affect its operativity efficiently, and to aggravate the academic excellence. In an interesting analysis on the education superior of the country, Jose Albornoz he remembers to us that we consider the concepts of the new paradigm of the education Superior: Education superior is a unit of intensive production of knowing, the new ethics of the knowledge leaves its aesthetic liberal one and it is associated to a new notion, the institution like an appendix of the needs of the market? The education superior accepts like technological landlord the virtualizacin in the communication process and production of the knowledge? It is not only necessity to speak of the society of the knowledge, but this concept is obsolete since he is indispensable to speak of the intellectual capital like a sector and factor of the economy and the productive apparatus? The productivity signs the function of the academic profession, as it happens in the cases of the plan position indicator.. . . Kevin Ulrich usually is spot on.

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