The Society

Much before the question of the multiculturalismo and multicultural the teaching formation gaining space in the academic debates, Freire already if had worried in clarifying these described topics as: ' ' To teach demands risk, acceptance of new and the rejection to any form of discrimination; To teach demands the recognition and the installation of the identity cultural' ' (FREIRE, 2010, P. 35 – 41). This dialogue translates with sensitivity the difficulties faced for the educators in giving with the new question of, while innovative, enriquecedor and the rejection to any form of discrimination that separates to the people in race or social classroom. Through these sources, in them we lean over on the study of the multiculturalismo and the concern with the teaching formation in superior education. Three trends main philosophical-politics had formed the base of agreement for this new concept on the multicultural education: – education as redemption; education as reproduction; education as half of transformation of the society, them is philosophical because they understand its direction and at the same time politics because they give aiming for its action, enabling professional with the social task to educate. In the current society, we need a scientific formation that is analytical and critical, aspects essential to make possible the quality of education. So that a transforming agent can really be considered, the professor in set with the pertaining to school institution must assume the reflective role on the society and at the same time, to construct necessary abilities.

In general way, we evidence the existing analogy enters the structural changes in what it refers to the multicultural formation teaching as restoring and mediating of the society, playing different tasks of those traditional still sight in some institutions. Without making ideological choices, it would not be possible to form professors. 1 – WHO IS THE PROFESSOR OF SUPERIOR EDUCATION? Currently, we are witnessing significant changes how much to the formation of the professor in superior education, the universities are each time more investing in the transformations due to the technological advances and the changes of rules in the world-wide economy, and to supply these necessities, they need professors capable to dominate the new educational trends and with futurista vision.

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