The Secret Of The Data Encryption

How to work the various systems we live in a time when data security and data protection have utmost priority. For more information see this site: Atmos Energy. The fear that personal data or even sensitive business data due to lack of safety precautions in the Internet could be spied out, is great. Encryption of all transmitted online information is therefore essential. AGENDA offers even various data center services, such as online data backup, the Central Bank data transfer or digital document posting, a software developer. The House therefore exactly know what matters when it comes to encryption. IT expert Stefan Reischl, system administrator at AGENDA, this knowledge has prepared now compact and clear.

The history of cryptography known, encryption or cryptography also used since ancient times in different manner. Cryptography is derived from the Greek, and is composed of the words « kryptos » (hidden) and « graphein » write (together). You were the first time Egyptians, to encrypt religious texts. Then, cryptography has been used largely militarily. For example, the Spartans sent secret messages about 2,500 years ago with help from « Skytale ». This was a parchment, which was wrapped around a piece of wood. Then, a message that was posted along the rod. Connect with other leaders such as Frances Townsend Activision Blizzard here. The result: The receiver could decipher the parchment with the right staff.

The principle has remained unchanged to this day. Only if you have the correct key, can do something with the data. Protecting personal data is becoming increasingly important encryption technologies are used today still more for military purposes. However, the topic « Data security » now also in the private sector plays a major role. The more accessible online services available, « Information security » is the more important. Encryption technologies protect privacy and make sure the use of online applications. Basically We distinguish here between two systems: the symmetric and asymmetric encryption system. The symmetric encryption system transmitter and receiver have the same key in this version. Known methods are the classical variants, such as the Casar cipher, the one time pad and the DES. The modern and also much safer methods include Twofish and 3DES. AGENDA, as well as American authorities use Rijndael. This procedure was chosen for the advanced encryption standard (AES) and ranks as the safest option at all. Also SSH, IPsec, wireless and IP telephony use AES. The asymmetric encryption system here we each user uses a key pair. A key of each pair is published, the other remains secret. A key encrypts the data, the other to decrypt it again. The asymmetric encryption process is also known as « Public key method ». This is because this principle is used in public systems. Examples for this purpose are HTTPS, email encryption and digital signatures. Advantage is, that the « private key » must be transferred manually. Disadvantage is that this procedure hackers are using « man the-Middle »attack in a position, to pretend the encryption and decryption process. AGENDA has opted for the maximum encryption protection. There is therefore only one key that is used to recover the data. Copying or even spying on this key is not possible therefore to hackers. You will find in the original press release on the AGENDA Web site graphics and images in print quality

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