The Pheromones

We reacted to pheromones in a subconscious level. So unlike the aerosols of Colony that simply give good scent him, the pheromones will make him seem more attractive and the excitation and desire to wake up in the members of opposite sex. The difference between its personal scent and the pheromones Unlike their favourite colony or of its corporal champ, the pheromones do not have a scent " consciente". When one is scents, consciously we know when something smells or or badly. It is a survival mechanism that has helped the human beings to survive from the start of the times. It only passes the nose over that Chinese food kept in the later part from the refrigerator and immediately it will know if it continues being something good to eat or no.

The Pheromones work of one more a subtler form. They do not notice, but they can give rise to small changes of behavior. Thus, whereas the women in the Pub could not know that it is different about you, you very well " notar" that he is sexually more attractive than other men in the gaming house. pheromones in the kingdom animal The pheromones are used in the kingdom animal all along to help to find and to attract pairs of mating. The Androstenona is easy to perceive by the animal, whose sense of the sense of smell is often more powerful and refining than ours. The Truffles emit pheromones right and left, and this is the reason by which the pigs, of form " espontnea" they are sent to its search. The mammals have a special gland that allows to detect pheromones them, which conditions their behavior. In the world of the insects the pheromones also play a role important when it is to find pair, to even find to compaero/a several miles of distance.

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