The Passage Of The Policy To The Company

Alberto degrees 20 m the Socialist former Minister Pedro Solbes tab by Barclays and becomes the latest politician who enters the business world. The former Presidents Jose Maria Aznar (Endesa) and Felipe Gonzalez (Natural Gas) are the hottest cases and that most criticisms have been received. Companies are seeking the prestige of the exdirigentes to strengthen its image. Presidents of the Government passed to be counselors in energy companies. Ministers who join or, even, preside over companies. All with significant salaries of means. The transition from politics to the business world is becoming more common, and in times of crisis, is part of a popular criticism that slowly rises over the voice. The last recorded case was Pedro Solbes, former Minister of economy, who enters the 13th of June the Board of Directors of Barclays as a consultant of the European area of the British Bank.

Solbes joins a long list that the former Presidents of the Government Jose Maria Aznar and Felipe Gonzalez top. The first was signed earlier this year by the electric Endesa, where exercises of its senior management senior advisor perceiving more than 200,000 euros a year. For his part, Gonzalez was appointed Director of Natural Gas at the end of 2010. His salary: 126,500 euros gross per year. Cases of Aznar and Gonzalez have provoked an intense reaction against public opinion, above all by the fact that both former Presidents charge 80,000 euros gross per year from the General State budget, remuneration for life because of the position held and that it is compatible with the salaries received electrics. Even parties as ERC, IU, UPyD, and BNG have asked harden the current law of incompatibilities to avoid such cases. Ministers entrepreneurs other Ministers as Solbes have also made career in the private sector.

No shortage of examples. Rodrigo Rato is President of Bankia (formerly Caja Madrid), Jordi Sevilla is Advisor to the consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Pio Cabanillas He works as a general director of corporate image of Acciona, Luis Maria Atienza serves as President of electrical network of Spain (REE), Eduardo Zaplana provides its services to Telefonica while Isabel Tocino is part of the Board of Directors of Banco Santander. On the list are also former Minister Juan Costa (auditor Ernst & Young), the former of the PNV Josu Jon Imaz (Petronor President) and another former Minister, Rafael Arias-Salgado, who is currently the President of the Carrefour group in Spain. By what so many political signings? Companies are looking precisely for the prestige of the exdirigentes to reinforce his image. Also, looking for the experience and the contacts made during his political career to ensure your business growth. Any sector is worth and politicians are voids both energy companies and consultancies, banks or telecommunications. Source of the news: the passage of the policy to the company

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