The Part

Being the ideal mother, that one that kneads and took care of, protecting its son. 4. QUARREL As we can observe, the monoparental family still passes for difficulties in such a way for the responsible person for commanding the family how much for the child who suffers influences from this cuidador and the adversities of the relationship. We can perceive that the children when they play, do not look for not to represent this missing figure, perhaps for not knowing as it would act in the care with proper them. The two interviewed citizens try and pparently they are obtaining to play the double role of father and mother of these children who are developing without bigger problems. The mother if presents well rigid with its children when they erram and the father, affectionate and very dedicated to the necessities of its son.

The traces of the nuclear family still meet gifts in the stories of the interviewed ones. The mother speaks very of the lack that the father makes, therefore would be the responsible one for the sustenance of the family, would be it supplier of the economic sustenance, being more distant of the creation of the children. As well as for the father, the mother would be the figure that of the protection and love, is the part most sentimental of the family. She was observed that the mother, perhaps for being young not to have had a paternal representation in its infancy, makes to believe that its children will not have future problems and that it will obtain to lead the growth of them well. But the paternal figure is not only responsible for the financial sustenance, is also important for the intellectual development and mannering, it is a identificatria figure., mainly in the first phases of the life that the father would be the responsible one for the security, is for the children the hero.

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