The Parameters

However, knowing the virtues of a gasoline generator, should be considered and its limitations – for power and uptime. It should not be exceed 24, because the engine has only air cooling. An excellent solution is to purchase gasoline for questioning, where he will be able to provide quite a comfortable stay and give the necessary energy for the temporary supply of all necessary domestic appliances. Gasoline generator for the home good as an emergency source of power: in remote areas are still failures in the "official" power plants. Diesel will cost them owners are much more expensive than their gasoline counterparts – twice in 1,5 or even 2. However, they are designed for long continuous operation, have a great lifespan and more economical. In addition, diesel fuel is considered to be safest, that too is an argument for buying a model that works on it.

The most convenient way to buy a diesel generator for home, office, small workshop and other facilities that require long-term uninterrupted power supply. Gas generators differ-silent operation and increased efficiency of use. Even when working from the cylinder gas generator twice gasoline economical, and if the object a gas pipeline, the savings can be quite decent. Power range of such devices is very wide – from 1,5 kW to tens of thousands, but in spite of the fact that they are more often used on large objects, a gas generator for home or find the problem difficult. But for all the virtues of gas generators and they have a drawback: the engine is started may be carried out only at positive temperatures, so I have to think about how to ensure the assembly "comfort". Types of generator control and, finally, one last question that may arise when choosing a generator: take a model with automatic or manual will be enough. Here, As before, it's up to you. Manual mode requires the presence of staff (who will likely become the future owner of an independent source of electricity, that is – you).

"Automatic + manual gives opportunity and control, and the presence of personnel required only during maintenance. With the mode of "manual + control from a distance" manual control is complemented by the possibility of management and control up to 25 m. It is convenient if the generator is located in a dedicated room for him, and you're in a cottage. "Managing from a distance" (and it must be said, is unlimited) is required if there is extensive networks and groups of objects. Controlling and changing the parameters required by the operator using a computer. It is unlikely that this mode is suitable when searching for a generator for cottage or home, but know about it yet useful. So, the main parameters considered and taken into account. It only remains to conclude that, for occasional use in the home will be alive gasoline inexpensive, and for the permanent job in the country or in the cottage is perfect diesel generator. Economical gas generator will become an assistant if necessary backup power supply, but if you need electricity for a large object, it is worth to buy a model with a connection to gas pipeline. And the final recommendation of the future owner of an independent source of electricity – to purchase equipment only from reputable manufacturers to guarantee high quality of its generators, regardless of capacity, fuel type and other parameters.

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