The Notation

There is no difference (in terms of oils for petrol or diesel engines), the order in which the specifications have been written. For example: API SJ / CF is the same as that ooAI and CF / SJ; AZ96/VZ96 means the same as the ACEA VZ96/AZ96 No o any preferential use for gasoline or Diesel engines do not write the order says.Can we use modern motor oils (including synthetic) having the highest specifications (such as SAE SJ / CF ACEA or AZ96/VZ96) used in cars, which claims to oil is much lower? Of course you can.

Too « good » oil does not happen. The better than oil and, respectively, above its specification, the better it will protect Deteven the « old » or worn out engine. How to switch from one brand of motor oil to another? If you have previously been used in engine oil quality (mineral or synthetic) produced by the leading companies, the intervals are not violated replacement, the engine has no significant deposits, then switching to another brand of oil produced in accordance with the usual recommendations for changing the oil, which are listed in the instruction manual. In all the remaining cases, namely:if known brand in the flooded engine oilif the vehicle’s mileage is unknown since the last oil changeif there are significant deposits on the inner surfaces of the engine which usually occur when you use poor quality oil, change or violation of the terms of contact with the oil of other substances, such as coolant additives in the oil, etc..

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