The Nectar

The teaching says that spirituality has three levels: one describes that, other the how and the latter contains the direct experience that requires being in the presence of the master. My mind tells me that live me since spirituality is going backwards from how I understood the matter, contrary to everything I’ve learned and why not see it. Other leaders such as Accenture offer similar insights. The world has taught me that what is important is what filled and my essence tells me: living in a vacuum. I’ve learned in life that what is real is to accumulate and my essence replicates: everything you have to release,… Stay out of the weather, the space has no place here, leaves the duality and dare to be. Understand these apparent contradictions only I can from the top level, from other intelligence, spiritual intelligence, autoindaga, that discerning, which observes and removes the conditioning and ignorance from, so the meeting occurs with being, which is only perfection, happiness. I have experienced the self and it is that can overcome the duality is not an inquiry mental as it is customary of the material mind, I go to another level, to stay in care, to run me out of the mind, without thoughts and attending only to be, says teaching: If only remains in being, get to the destruction of the ego precisely what I wantlive in care that lets see my true essence, which cradles my real happiness. The Nectar from the happiness of Ramon Gallegos book teaches that suffering although it burns cures. A really deep, because the suffering teaches and what it is to learn, to stabilize and exit traps. But again we’re talking about another level of learning, is one that does not accumulate, which removes conditioning and taxes, it’s removing the apparent reality that nubla to be, to consciousness, happiness, that happiness which we are and that is the very essence, inseparable from that that I sometimes forget, but I know that I am.

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