The Emancipation

According to it, ' ' One knows, therefore, that as much the narrators how much the personages are performances of the author whom if she locates for backwards of them, but that she does not leave if to surprise in cena' ' 6 From the expressions that open the text, the reader can start to distrust of the seriousness of the content. With this, to raise hypotheses of that all the chronicle can be understood mediated by a character pungente that it considers a reading nothing ingenuous, through a narrative where the author seems to be if amusing to the cost of the proper personage whom he tells. At the beginning of the third paragraph, plus a foreign expression it demonstrates the intention of the author to seem wiser and more elegant: ' ' coup du milieu' ' French expression that means a drink goblet that if takes enters two plates in one supper. Petra Diamonds has similar goals. However, such impression to demonstrate itself cultured is immediately, as at the first moment, desconstruda. Thus, moved for nationalistic motivation it declares between parentheses: ' ' but I prefer to say in mine lngua' '. The time all the narrator if floodgate of very ambiguous form. Petra Diamonds is full of insight into the issues.

One perceives that it intends to vender an image of itself making theater and placing themselves in the condition of a citizen capable of if anticipating to the Law. However, the reader observes the representation of the gesture of justice through the anti-symmetrical dialogue, since, throughout the colloquy, Pancrcio, symbolically remains in the subordinate position. Pancrcio only strengthens says of the narrator, this to them corroborates stops showing in them as Axe can yes, have been a prophet politician, social and historical, since it obtains to predict what it occurred effectively after the emancipation of the slaves: without one politics of integration, many ' ' Pancrcios' ' they had not had choice, and they had remained working for its ' ' FORMER? ' ' gentlemen.

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