The Amaznia (Brazilian) Is Ours

THE BRAZILIAN AMAZNIA IS OURS. Either made not yours, but our will, and here it is that the North American empire suffers one revs, not only lives a storm provoked for the crisis of the internal real estate market as well as for the voracity of the extreme expense of the public money generating the deficit of the state with the federal prescription, and, over all, for insane person imperialista obsession anglian-saxnica of wanting to intervene, to dominate and to submit to its interests all the peoples of the world is they rich needy poor persons or.The collapse is the collapse of the Great Peace – military, civil, social and cultural to the time. Everything, without fondness to be catastrophic and nor prophet of the terror, says the scholars, will initiate with a period of economic crisis. They imagine vocs that in current books of corresponding geography or something to ours the empire ordered to remove the Amazon region of the map of Brazil, under excuse of that for if dealing with a zone of ambient protection and essential existence for maintenance of the life and the man in the land, passed to belong to the interests American north. The Empire does not lose same time, only sees, prepares all a generation, all a bourgeois youth, as thus it made preparatorily with the American pilots north who had participated of the wars of Iraq, the Afeganisto and the Kuait, training them in videos-games to operate cibernticas machines, that is, airplanes; tanks of war, dredges, aircraft carrier, etc.An entire generation, stops in the very next future in them taking the Amaznia. However, however cause queerness to see I occasion it of the Americans the polluting and responsible greaters for the global heating or as they want effect greenhouse, appealing to the ecological fight only not to pass for modistas and a derivative.

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