Technological Education

Benefiting the financial sector mainly, for the comfort that the Internet provides thus facilitating financial transactions, sales of its products and etc. These companies of cellular telephones had in recent years had an excessive growth in its profit, therefore its action in the stock exchange had gone off. The growth of the access the Internet is incredible in so little time, is enough to remember that in the early 90’s, very little people had access to this media information, but in the end of this same decade, the Internet already had turned almost an epidemic. From there the Internet with the objective to benefit to all the sectors, beyond the enterprise sector, also the cultural and educational sector. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE TECHNOLOGICAL EDUCATION the Technological Education, promotes the wakening for the interpretation of the current context to the light of its conditionings and beddings; it intends to raise relative questions to the values, sobressaindo the ethical dimension; it demands an interaction of the practical theory and; it searchs to integrate education and research making with that the questions lived deeply for the educandos are understood; it looks for to identify from the work the new requirements imposed for the social relations; the basic recital of the Technological Education, is summarized in know-making, know-thinking. The TV AND the SCHOOL – PROBLEMS AND POSSIBILITIES Is very common that pupils and professors criticize the TV in the classroom, but when arriving in its homes if they deliver acriticamente, fascinated to the sighs of novels and the fallacies of the telejornais. But why this contradiction happens? She is necessary to have in mind a complex phenomenon of the societies contemporaries: the midiabilidade. The midiabilidade implies the existence of a social field dominated by the media, above all electronic media, catalyzing a social set of experiences and identities. All we, pupils or professors, are citizens to the action of the media.

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