Taxi Drivers and Mobile Phones

Who also coordinates the activities of taxi drivers? After all, even if the client called Taxi Driver, located on the opposite side of town, they are unlikely to agree on a price for the trip, and even more so about the time for transport. A ring round hundred or so taxi drivers, to put it mildly, awkward. In fact, the problem is solved very simply! The city is divided into districts. For convenience and a more detailed breakdown of the map of a subway. And taxi drivers, and customers are looking for each other to the nearest metro station from them and notice, nor any overhead! In addition client calls directly taxi driver and negotiate a price for the trip, thus You can haggle. At the same time and the client and a taxi driver is always choice! In fact, the service models the situation, if the client caught taxis on the street. The client does not need to leave home, because the taxi driver will fit the car to the entrance. Yes, and taxi drivers do not have to deal with a client.

Ideally, he can wait for a call home, and not "kill" the car over and run to waste time and expensive gasoline. Contribution to the ecology of the city and reduce traffic jams as a matter of no little interest! How does it work? Taxi Driver publish their numbers Mobile site by sending an SMS message with the code nearest metro station. By the way, for a period of testing the value of SMS 18rub. As you see, a liter of gasoline costs much more. Clients come to the search page taxi click on the nearest metro station, taxi driver saw the number, call him and arrange for the cost of travel and the time for transport. If they do not agree, customer clicks the button "Next" and the phone number is updated. The program site is designed so that all phones are guaranteed to be shown to visitors, according to the order of publication.

Another logical question, which must have already emerged among the attentive reader. And if the client will call taxi driver when his shift was over and he is resting? Indeed, in the classical scheme operator is not sleeping, he works in shifts around the clock phone and it takes calls. In our service operator does not …. It turns out from the mass published by telephone, at least two-thirds are disabled or will not respond? In fact, this problem is also solved. The phone number is published only taxi driver in one shift at its very beginning, ie for eight hours. Thus, the database is "littered" inactive numbers, and a taxi driver has time for rest. As you can see, the service thoroughly thought out and able to operate in automatic mode. For all services CLIENTS free. There is a forum for communication and exchange. Thus, the service will be of interest to all taxi drivers and all their potential customers. Since the new service and competition within it yet, it's time to use it! Good luck on the road!

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