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Mystical Asia

Sema is a ritual dance of dervishes, who practiced in one Islamic sects – the Mevlevi. Mevlevi orientation was zealous service to God, which consisted primarily in readiness for the suffering of God, on this Sema dance in the often consisted primarily of self-torture of dancing to the glory of God. Initially, Sam was part […]

News Sites

News sites in the description of the film must be given the attribute "quality", which looks like a DVDRip, CAMRip, TS, TC, DVDSrc etc. decipher common symbols. CAMRip (CAM) is often referred to as "ekranka." A copy of the film in the low quality. Movies are recorded on the camcorder to the screen in a […]

Western European Agriculture

They are either of little avail to illustrate the experience of Western European Russian conditions of agriculture, or dealt with such specific types of agriculture as the "ostrich breeding farm in Africa" or "The extraction of the snails in France." A little closer to the problems of agronomic propaganda were some movies Pate designed uzkoplenochnyh […]

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