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Fifty Economy

It is certain, also, that this growth occurs together with the transference of the productive activities for the Third World, from the decade of fifty. In Brazil, for example, from 1956 inside of the program ' ' Fifty years in cinco' ' subject of campaign of Juscelino Kubitschek, the companies multinationals – great part European […]

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Central Assets

Moreover, the falls in the basic taxes of interests in planetary scale had also helped to make with that the liquidity detainers assumed greaters risks, a time that the remuneration of the headings of the government becomes less attractive. The Governments had also played important role in irrigating sectors (beyond the banks it saw Central […]

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Circle Science

For example, if we see one, two, three white swans, we would dare to say: All the white swans are. But at the moment that we saw one black, our theory would be false. Nevertheless, we could affirm: All the white swans are not. It is thus as it advances science. It walks towards the […]

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Samsung Electronics

The CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, announced proudly on Monday July 12, 2010, several tablets from about 20 manufacturers that used the Windows 7 operating system, emphasizing the interest of the American firm by a market dominated by Apple. (Small, portable computers and tablets that are handled with the touch screen, no keyboard or mouse) […]