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French Republic

Gunter Schneider – 1794 – French on the way to the Rhine the Rhine area was after this campaign for twenty years in French hands and belonged beginning in 1801 after the peace of Luneville also answerable to France. Only after the defeat of Napoleon in 1814/15, it passed to Prussia and the Netherlands. In […]

Anna Jagodzinska

It is finally his skills as an author with the model Advisor ‘model are top’, which now as a practical eBook is available as far as – Sascha proves Babel by the modeling agency viviennemodels Munich. As a first model agent, he can now, from his years of experience benefit the public, as well as […]

Documentation From The Past

2500 years of history experience nothing but the world the work »takes its readers on a journey through time. 700 pages portray eyewitness accounts and reports from the last 2500 years of our history. The shopping portal shopping.de informed the historical compilation of young Galiani Verlag. Swarmed by offers, Mitchel Resnick is currently assessing future choices. […]