System Administrators

Important role in the modern enterprise is the state of the computer park, so a regular inventory of the network is a must. The solution to this problem falls squarely on the shoulders of the system administrator. He has a problem to monitor the status of all computers in the enterprise: on the spot whether to order a computer's "hardware", not whether it is obsolete, what programs were installed by users (licensed or not needed for work or for personal use, etc.). Inventory of hardware and computer software to enterprises is a necessity, and the presence of network facilitates the solution of this question. For more rapid and effective solution to this problem an administrator to install the program for network inventory. It is installed on the administrator's computer and – ideally – should not require the installation additional agents or applications on the machines of employees. Most often, a survey of remote computers are using the technology WMI. This allows you to keep with staff from the workflow and not advertise the fact that you followed by "caring", but computers are polled only when requested by the administrator at any time upon request.

What are the most important functions of the program for network inventory? First, the program inventory network administrator should be able to track any changes in the software. Administrator is very important to know what programs and which computers are installed, whether they have license and serial number as the operation of some programs may not only damage the reputation of the company, but also fraught with negative consequences when checking computer company. Therefore, the program for network inventory should record the installation or removal of any application on a remote computer and enter additional information in the log: developer information, size and date of installation, license number, etc. Administrator should be able at any moment to obtain all necessary information upon request. Second, the leadership of any company you need to know how many cars there are in its corporate network, in which they are able, if they need updating, whether that is missing from the computer equipment company. This implies a second important aspect of the program for network inventory – continuous monitoring computer "hardware" company. Especially this requires continuously expanding, renovating and expanding computer park. The program should in time to prevent an administrator, for example, a missing bracket or RAM for its replacement in memory of another volume.

Third, the administrator must be able to make pivot tables, hardware, through which one could easily determine which of the computers 'hardware' is obsolete and it's time to change it. Special filters must be able to specify criteria for the inclusion of a machine in the table to draw up, for example, a list of computers with a processor with a certain brand, with some established programs, with a given amount of memory, etc. All these measures will help to plan upgrades computer park and maintain it in good order. It is important to make an inventory of the network regularly. Timely troubleshooting computers that will save you time and money, so any software or hardware, especially in large companies, requires a strict accounting and control. A complete inventory of the network automatic collection of information from computers will save time and hassle administrator, and will help avoid all sorts of unpleasant surprises.

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