Superior Institute Distance

One another strong point of the EAD is the relation professor-pupil to be, clearly, less hierarquizada had to the fact of this interaction to be made way electronic messages, frum or Chat, where the subjective sociocultural symbols are not so clear to demarcate the difference between professor and pupils as it exists in a traditional classroom. This inhibits the constaint of the pupil in expressing opinions of the professor ahead. However, it can be noticed that the geographic distanciamento also impels an affective distanciamento and a lack of ampler communication. These are changeable very important in the teach-learning process aiming at the proper mannering change of the educative process. This sends in them to the fact of that the planning in courses EAD must above all be well structuralized, that is: The planning is basic in the education and, in the education in the distance (EAD) it must exceed to one ‘ ‘ mere plan drawing of a plan sequenced, coherent, that it includes a series of commanded phases and interdependentes’ ‘ (ARNOLD, 2003, P. 178). Therefore the planning must constitute in an instrument, a chance of practical reflection on educative and the processes constitute that it as: the definition of the contents, procedures, activities and evaluation. In accordance with Mary Sales, in the education in the distance (EAD) is needed to deal with planning sistmica form, where the processes of conception, production and implementation of the action in a course, in one discipline in the distance are seen and treated to linked form and in a conception to multidiscipline.

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