Suddenly Customer: Fraudsters Take Orders Into Their Own Hands

Increasingly, alleged customers of prepaid cards get even though they have not ordered them. What’s behind this and what you can do about it. Helmut k. (name changed) no longer understands the world: at sighting his bank statement he imm frequent charges from companies that he did not know to date, geschwiege is for customer of this company would be. On a brief Internet search, he elicits it is prepaid brands for mobile phone tariffs.

But how to get its data? And why is money taken without his permission from his account? It all began so that Helmut treilgenommen K on an Internet site in a contest. There he should specify its address and account data, so that in case of any profit the amount to his account could be transferred him. That there has been to a dubious data collector, was clearly too late. Of course I never got a prize notification and the misstep was forgotten. And now this. A phone call to the hotline of the company does not bring him but for the time being further. There is him that he has requested the prepaid card via the Internet and this was delivered to his address communicated initially.

Address and account details are correct. He remembers: actually a letter arrived a few days ago, which consisted of a SIM card. But because he has not requested it he thought first of all on a non-binding advertisement and disposed of the writing. That the data collectors have signed him without his intervention there he cannot understand as they sent the card in his address. So why would someone do something like this? The data collector so took the victim information to execute orders on the Internet. The peculiarity of the products: high sales commissions. Because what many customers do not know that for certain products in the Internet luktrative commissions are paid, if it promotes new customers for a product.

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