State Crisis

The denomination ' ' sustentabilidade' ' comumente it is used enters the scholars in the ambient area to consider the break-even point of ecosystems, being meant to keep or maintenance and to conserve. In its ampler direction this concept demonstrates the search of a strategy to reach the harmony between the human beings and the humanity and the nature. In this direction, the expansion and intensification of the sustainable enterprises can very reduce in the harmful effect of the process of globalization in the sphere of the work, becoming less aggressive the work environment. It is also made possible in profits in the productivity through the proportionate stimulaton for one better quality of life in the work and the good image that an ecologically correct company transmits society. This research has for objective, through a bibliographical research, to emonstrar as sustainable enterprises, that aim at the quality of life and the respect for the nature stimulates its employees and as consequence guarantees a bigger production. 2 DEVELOPMENT In accordance with Castel (1998), the ambient degradation and the crisis of the society of the work and the consequent fall in the quality of life and increase of the exclusion/social inaquality, are to demand in ours to understand a quarrel that deepens the joint between work, environment and economic development, therefore if it questions until point the natural resources and the humanity will support the hegemonic model of production: work and consumption. In a conjuncture perpassada for economic transformations, politics, social, institucional and cultural intensify it socioambiental crisis and of the world of the work. Its origins become related, on the other hand, to the desterritorializao of the politics, where the sovereignty of the State is placed in xeque for the standards of internationalization of the power to decide process and mundializao of the activities politics, provoking the crisis of democratic systems e, for another one, to the increasing movement of desterritorializao of companies and industrial conglomerates in direction to those countries with offers of operational conditions favorable, that is, better prices of the work force, economy of transports and infrastructure resources, beyond one low concern in relation to the fulfilment of the legislaes working and ambient.

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