Spanish Purchase

Now, only can apply tax relief for typical home purchase families with income below the 24,000 euros. Cospedal proposes a plan with the banks to eliminate the surplus of apartments. The PP wants the purchase of principal residence return to deduct. The President of Castilla – La Mancha and Secretary general of the Popular Party, Maria Dolores de Cospedal has announced it. In reality, it is not no surprise. Several regional Governments of the PP remain and some have announced that they wish to retrieve it. The question is: can deduct ease the sale of homes or will only serve to make the real estate prices climb? In an interview with Cospedal has ensured that if his party wins elections next November 20, his Government would recover the tax on purchase of principal residence.

The deduction was eliminated by the Executive of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero for income superiors to 24,000 euros. The popular, says Cospedal, are convinced that tax relief, as it was before the modification made by the Socialist Government, was a very important help to the Spanish middle class form. In addition, it has emphasized that the Elimination of the tariff reduction on purchase of principal residence is partly behind problems facing the real estate sector. Among other things not sold homes because there is no tax incentive for the purchase, soon had him and the Government eliminated him, has dndido. From this year, only may opt to the current maximum of 9.015 euros deduction the acquisition of housing those who perceive less than 17,000 euros annual rents and those who have bought housing before that year.

For fork located between the 17,000 to 24,000 euros income is comes gradually reducing the deduction until it disappears completely from the latter figure. Regional Governments of the PP, by the relief only some regions maintain the deductibility for higher rents. It is Madrid, Navarre, Basque country and, to a lesser extent, Valencia. But others many already are considering it. A few weeks ago, the Minister of Finance of the Board of Castilla y Leon, el Olmo de Pilar, announcing a new tax benefit for the financial year 2012 whose objective will be to encourage the purchase of the first residence wherever new construction. In the same vein, in July, the President of the community of Murcia, Ramon Luis Valcarcel, advocated establishing new tax incentives for the purchase of dwellings and the Elimination of unfair terms in mortgage loans. Valcarcel referred to measures aimed at the acquisition of dwellings and system mortgage, such as restoring the deduction by acquisition of residence in income tax and incorporation to the rental housing market as constructed unsold. Em suma, Cospedal proposal not only confirms a position more or less widespread in many of the autonomies PP. the problem of the stock general secretariat-driven pp also proposed to start a great plan with all financial institutions, which have to be involved in the matter because they are owners of a large part of the stock of housing in Spain. He said Cospedal, is reach a solution between all that addition could also involve changes to the law of the land and other measures that are not isolated, but that must be taken together.

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