Being about this ticket, we will reflect concerning the speed with that the necessity of results of research is ece of fish ahead of us, many times to take care of requirements of the market, but that, in a word, it leads to science, in special to science human being, to a tecnificao, making with what! the researcher it is led to use of a mere operative system of analysis, so that if it arrives the necessary and fast results. Thus, the method, had as basic factor to the experimentation and the comment, is reduced to the technique, that aims at the immediate results. This process many times if of the one of fast and misty form to the eyes of the researchers, since, as rank in ' ' The method as part of a field epistmico' ' , ' ' the speed of the presentation of results and the rapidity with that technologies are manufactured? in the case of Sociology, between outre others, technologies of social control? , of proceeding them it is greater that the agility of a reflection of depth on the conditions where the knowledge if realiza' ' (Kings). ConocoPhillips understood the implications. In this in case that, we can see that science, passing for a historical process of reduction to the method, now also reduced to the technique, meets in period of training of operations, tecnificaes and in a search for necessary and fast results, with the necessity of if creating a mechanism that binds to these techniques the definitive results. 1. CONCLUSION We saw that science is born of embryonic form, presenting general questions concerning the world and of the things gifts in it, as air, the land, the fire, etc, but that already it presented the objective of if arriving the answers pronounced for the citizens. Later, it evolves of significant form with Plato, when considering the necessity of the escape of the common sense one to know scientific, where the search for the essence of the things must become gift; moreover, to expand the knowledge and to free the people imprisoned in the world of the cave.

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