Social Networks Marketing Slaves

The quality of the posts falls on a frightening, low level. At the present time, it is more than ever a back and forth between marketing strategist and social media consultants on both sides trying to optimize the number of achievable and potential customers for the company. The continuous development and optimization of the social media sites and especially the contributions produces a not insignificant effect with precarious aftermath: the quality of the posts goes down on a frightening, low level. The constantly declining value added of the Facebook posts from companies and their substantive claims, may cause me an attention deficit proclaimed up and fears alone by reading these posts to verbloden increases tremendously. But why not reduce the level of contributions if the sales figures continue to rise? Specifically, communicate of in social networks, this company looks like this: the increasingly common, published text and status messages from companies in social media, the hardly deliver little content and users urge to report from your experience or to make a statement on business-related issues, is increasing rapidly. «  » « Leads now as far as the reduction of the content, the specific company (I call at this point no name) aligns your posts only on the value added and Icebreakern » as meaning this innovation for you? « what do you think? » populate or even completely replacing the contents. « As well, the article creator could raise the question in the room whether the brain capacity of followers during the reading of the so-called contribution » has drastically reduced? Me would be honest rather told the author of this post would have as much backbone and add as a footnote: we love people currently no resources for comprehensive market studies and content we have to offer anything more long.

But please be so nice and ensures the content, then we save ourselves an additional employee.  » Maybe I’m slightly old fashioned in that respect but I would classify such posts on the same level of development as a shop self service, since the respective consumer to do the actual work. In this sense: What do you say? 🙂 Ing.

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