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Processes, biometric systems and biometric clocks manual processes, for the control of employment assistance, already sent to pick up. This is due to the emergence of more modern methods that deliver better results. Currently, the departments of human resources, accounting and payroll, of a company; You can count on advanced strategies to optimize their processes. One of these new advances, has to do with biometrics. The application of biometrics relies on technology that captures features of the face to then compare them in a comparison of samples. To report attendance at a place of work, through this system, should provide a sample to the master device. This person must stand in front a camera, which takes a picture to identify the details of the face. These details are stored in a database, a computer, for later comparison.

The next time the same person to pass through the system, the camera will return to take the details of your face and the system will run a Search to see if the sample taken at the time, found in its data bank. If so, the scanned person may enter their workplace and an electronic register of such permission will be taken. In this way, prevents unnecessary paperwork, and to facilitate things the employee and the company saves part of his annual budget. Contrary to what one might think, these biometric system installation is very simple. In general, simply connect a reader to a computer and the system can be put into operation.

On the other hand data, which are stored in its database, occupy very little space on the hard disk of the computer. In the market it is possible to find other biometric systems as readers of fingerprints or eye patterns. The operation of these is similar to the analysis of facial features: first a sample is recorded in the system, which is stored in a database for later comparison. The only thing that change in each of these approaches is the quality to analyze. As it can be seen, the biometric systems are ideal in a process of business modernization. With the installation of biometric clocks might expedite many of the procedures, which are held within an organization, which is the goal of every company who wants to get ahead. Biometric systems can be a useful tool in the security. In this way, they can be used for the implementation of safe and reliable control of access.

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