If you cut too much, then all previous work on poidet smarku. When the external form of a wobbler ready, Next step – make a tree vodostoikim to paint a better behaved, and the tree is not damaged. There are several ways: You can saturate the upper layers of wood epoksidnoi smoloi drugoi or a customer's fluid. For example, I cook a wobbler in boiling oil until the surface of the wood will not temnoi. Oil, soaking into the wood and protects it from moisture.

When the lure is dry, thin and sharp knife to separate the two halves apart and clears away nanesennyi previously adhesives. The inner surface of a wobbler impose narisovannyi earlier profile, and mark the space for weights and wires. Drills holes for the weights and cut (easier to burn a special apparatus for poker), grooves for the wire. In one part of a wobbler glue pins for dalneishego precise connection of both parts. Now we need to do and balansirovkoi worsening of a wobbler. Put weight on (lead pellet, and even better pellets from sharikopodshibnikov) intended for them in the cavity that connects both parts of wobbler together and check it in a container with water.

Changing the size of the weight; achieve the desired ruzultata. Make a floating or sinking lure is easy, "suspender" – is more difficult because must uchitivat that later add weight clockwork rings, hooks, shovels, as well as layers of paint and varnish. When the ball is ready, sushim wobbler. Then Scrollsaw place to shoulder in front of a wobbler. Shoulder blade I made from a thin plexiglass. Put in the wobbler wire with loops on the ends, weights, and glue the two halves with epoxy glue. The same glue to the front of a wobbler glue spatula. When the glue dries, paint the wobbler. For this I use a special paint for wood, which can be bought at the store dl artisans, and nail polish. After painting additionally nanoshu 1-2 coats of varnish. That's it. Happened that I had chosen a form provided neudachnoi wobbler, wobbler, or could not get completely symmetrical. From such a wobbler, of course, are of little help, but learn to errors. Many, I have made, lures have a fantastic game and, most importantly popular with fish.

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