Satisfacientes Factors

However, the possibilities to be esteem and recognized in the work environment, are the ones that truily would function as boosters of the productivity. Examples of hygienical factors: interpersonal relations, supervision, colleagues and subordinate, physical supervision technique, conditions, wages and personal life. 3.2.2 Motivacionais factors Are intrinsic are those related to the position, the tasks and its nature to the played, being, therefore, controlable being for the individual and that they must lead to the recognition and the professional valuation, together with the auto-accomplishment. They become related directly with the satisfaction and necessarily imply in the increase of the effectiveness and productivity. Examples of this: low wages and inadequate physical conditions do not leave to motivate, even so create a insatisfao atmosphere, the work in itself, responsibility, progress/growth, accomplishment, recognition status. These factors (deep and steady), when excellent, they lead to the satisfaction of the individual, but when precarious, we pssimos, block the satisfaction. They are characterized as Satisfacientes Factors. For Herzberg apud Chiavenato (2003, p.96), as much the external environment as the proper work of execution is important factors in the motivation human being.

3.3 COMPARING MASLOW and HERZBERG Herzberg apud Chiavenato (2003, p.96) ' ' it called hygienical factors or? insatisfacientes? it tends to act in a direction negativa' '. It agrees to Maslow of that the necessities are always internal. The necessary individual of the necessity to search the satisfator, and thus sets in movement, going up in the hierarchy of the necessities. But it disagrees when affirming that movement is not motivation. Herzberg does not consider that the individual to search the saciao of the hunger, headquarters, sleep etc., is motivated, classifying this fact only as movement, while Maslow considers it motivation (HERZBERG 1975 apud CHIAVENATO, 2003). For Maslow, all the necessities motivate, provoke of certain form satisfaction; already for Herzberg nor all the necessities motivate the individual, therefore some only prevent that if it does not have satisfaction.

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