This means that companies have been implementing with SalesLogix capabilities that allow you to record interactions with customers at different points of contact, not necessarily related to the three activities listed above. This has generated a consistency in interactions with the customer and at several of these companies has been a mechanism for increasing the level of sales. One customer says the following; However SalesLogix is designed to handle the issues of sales, the tool really helped us to distinguish ourselves in the market as a customer-focused organization. We have detected a significant increase in the turnover because our sales team understand improves customer and has the ability to find all the information of the client correctly. Another client mentions the following; Today all our staff have the customer information at the right time and know how to develop each of points of customer contact some of the points that should be avoided, in accordance with the developed research: don’t assume that SalesLogix is only a system for sales, do not adjust its processes to how the software workssoftware must adapt to their business processes, which are your competitive advantage, devote enough attention to develop processes of training comprehensive including business processes and the use of SalesLogix that supports that process of business, do not release customizations to the software while not run tests detailed in each of the functions and not migrate information to SalesLogix without having developed a process of quality control of the data to be usedthe data are the raw material of a good implementation. The companies that make use of SalesLogix and have achieved impressive results in the improvement of its processes and its centralization in customer strategy, have defined a set of practices to take advantage of a tool like SalesLogix..

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