Safe TIC: Early Defibrillation Saves Lives

Innovative system for the early defibrillation by SafeTIC bypassed critical 27 minutes Mannheim December 2012. It may take up to half an hour to arrive the first rescuers on the scene. SafeTIC is of the opinion: this period is much too long. There must be a way to help heart patients also used effectively. And she are there. The SafeTIC AG offers a system for the early defibrillation, which anyone can use to help lay people directly. The SafeTIC emergency Manager DOC bridges the critical period until the arrival of the emergency vehicle.

« What is special about the operational defibrillator connected », as the name of the device is advertised: he diagnosed automatically. For more information about the early defibrillation and the functioning of the DOC can be found under. The automatic diagnosis function even lay people, know in emergency situations what to do, according to a spokesman for SafeTIC. Through an integrated system, the first responders in addition gets instructions from the PSAP. Takes to the DOC into operation, the connection immediately without own produced. The hot wire »to the control centre also ensures a continuous remote maintenance. Should something not work correctly, this stands out, and not only then, if an emergency occurred. The technical problem of the DOCs can be fixed then through the use of a technician.

SafeTIC knows from experience: the thing works. Because the DOC is installed now with numerous rescue services in nursing homes, but also in many public buildings. After all, you never know when and where defibrillation is necessary, so the unanimous SafeTIC opinion. Ventricular fibrillation is dangerous that is out of the question. Doctors warn: defibrillation to irreversible brain damage is not within a few minutes, suffers the patient or in the worst case it dies. You welcome the use of SafeTIC AG and are in favour of the widespread dissemination of the DOC.

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