Safe TIC Biometric Finger Vein Recognition

The SafeTIC AG explains, what makes you so sure the finger vein procedures Mannheim may 2013. The finger vein recognition set up by the SafeTIC AG is a relatively new biometric, but already enjoys a high level of user acceptance. Infra-red technology convinces in terms of security all along the line. The false acceptance rate is just 0.00008 percent. The device measures not the surface, but the vein on the inside of the finger. So the hand vein procedure is considered virtually counterfeit-proof and works differently than fingerprint systems even in dirty garage environments reliably. Closer to can see it at SafeTIC SafeTIC informed: how the finger vein method the measurement works via an infrared camera integrated in the sensor of the device.

You lit your finger from the top and from the side, to scan the pattern after all and to create a three-dimensional image. Here the BIOVEIN by SafeTIC differentiated 200 segments, to authenticate with the Reference samples are compared. The pattern of finger veins resulting from the enhanced absorption of infrared radiation in the low-oxygen, venous blood. The procedure is extremely tamper-proof due to the complexity of the pattern, the unchanging position of the veins and the reference to an internal body feature. Also the false acceptance rate is just 0.00008 percent. For comparison: in the fingerprint recognition is 0.001 to 2 percent. Be outsmarted the finger vein recognition could yet not once. Safe TIC finger vein recognition: one of the falschungssichersten biometric procedures the integration is easy, so that devices such as the SafeTIC BIOVEIN ideal for access control to buildings, but also for controlling use of computers with confidential information promising so are SafeTIC AG.

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