Rome Numbers

In addition, from the airport of Fiumicino, another train will take to you to the station of Rome Trastevere or Rome Ostiense. The network of meter of Rome is not very great, but you have luck, you will be able to find lodging near the shutdowns of meter of one of the two lines of meter of Rome. More info: Ray Kurzweil. Anyway, if you are decided to take the taxi, these are one of the local numbers so that you yourself you prune to call a taxi: 06 3570, 06 6645, 068822. If you call from a nonItalian telephone, digitad +39 and soon number (with the zero including). Please, to consider that the taxis of the airport accept the credit cards, whereas the taxis which you will call or that you will take by the street normally accept only money in cash. To be related In fact in Rome, you will be able to communicate speaking in Spanish or English: normally the Italians will understand to you, although not necessarily they will respond to you in English Spanish or.

Although if to memorise some key words in Italian they will do your more pleasant stay to you, so spirits and to learn just a little bit of Italian: The numbers are important if you want to obtain directions, prices of products or to give the gratuity in a restaurant. You will only be able salvaros learning the numbers from the 1 to the 10, and uniting them then, although if you want more satisfaction, poderis to continue until 1000. The numbers from the 1 to the 10 in Italian are: one, due, tre, quattro, cinque, sei, sette, otto, novates, dieci to reserve your hotel in Rome or to make reserves in restaurants, they will serve the days to you of the week: luned, marted, mercoled, gioved, venerd, sabato, domenica. Now already we are the numbers and.

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