Revolution In Television

To date, all the leading TV manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and Philips, directed their efforts to implement the task, which is to merge the Internet and television. Members YouTube, they know to what diversity of videos they can access, taking advantage of this and similar services. This humorous commercials and music videos, and educational films, as well as news. Those who have a desire daily take advantage of the Internet without leaving the couch, had earlier been forced to buy expensive computer or media center, or else in addition to a TV set with a game console Internet browser. Both of these solutions are expensive, they are not very easy to use, and are additional electricity consumers.

Known manufacturers of consumer electronics, announced that they will be able to to solve this problem efficiently. Speaking thus, they mean that it will soon introduce TVs on the market that can surf the Internet without any additional devices. Global manufacturers such as Philips, Samsung, Sony and others have already made TVs, which contain logos AppliCast, Net TV and Internet @ TV. The main partner is Yahoo!, which performs the important task of preparing for their servers, media content, in the form of news materials, weather, and stock ticker. A new generation of televisions have access to such services on the networks LAN or WLAN, and data is displayed in the form of so-called widgets. Widgets or web browsers: what choice does the network? The first steps in using the new TV, can not be called entirely successful, to LCD models, Samsung series 7090, Yahoo! widgets work with a significant slowdown, so the screen they appear only in a few seconds after pressing the corresponding function on the remote control. Most likely cause is that the appropriate content of service Yahoo! is still at the stage of deployment and adjustment.

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