This study it still standes out the consumption and the impacts of the development that has generated problems for the population of Altamira. The elements that influence the formation of the consumption societies compromise the support of the life in the planet land, therefore the population growth shakes the socioeconmicas structures, cultural politics and of the society, having as consequence phenomena of the disintegration of the nature. The more linked societies are each time between itself, with the advance of the technology in the globalization the society increased the consumption power. More information is housed here: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. The consumption society always is made use to satisfy its necessities, therefore it comes more consuming each time without if mattering with wastefulness, therefore to each moment new technologies appear and the consumption society looks for to follow this development, exactly that it does not have necessity for such. This society presents advantages and disadvantages, one of the advantages is the growth of the economic aspect, therefore it generates new ranks of work; the disadvantage is the increase of the wastefulness of used products, therefore these will be launched in the garbage, without no project of recycling, and this I accumulate cause the impact in the environment with the contamination of the water, me the quality of air, not the preservation of the forests, the alteration of the climatic conditions, the biological diversity, me the quality of the health human being, amongst other. Second research, currently the annual garbage production in all the planet is of approximately 400 million tons.

What to make and where to place as much garbage he is one of the biggest challenges of this century. The Recycling is an alternative to brighten up the problem, however, the enrollment of the population to carry through this action is necessary. In such a way, the development of a recycling culture will be inevitable, in view of the scarcity of the natural resources did not renew, the raw material lack and the lack of space to condition as much garbage.

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