Real Madrid Liverpool

If the Elimination of Real Madrid Liverpool has caused a catastrophe in Chamartin, Atletico in Porto tie has uncovered a separation with permanent dyes. Colchoneras stars do not combine with your technician, Abel Resino.Nada more complete meeting Aguero bite the microphones to ensure that, if he had done the initial eleven, Forlan played always. The alignment he makes it, I not said in the mixed zone. Kun Aguero is the most annoying players with the mister. He complained after the meeting of FC Porto which was up too only. His faithful friend, the Uruguayan, was not with him.This morning the newspapers El Pais and public aroused Atletico dawn with two separate reports on the divorce between template and technical body: costumes for the athletic exploits, says the journal in a hurry; Kun buries Abel, explicitly Roures rotating. Not only Aguero and Forlan are shown to disgust with your technician.

Maxi, the captain, leaves the green before time a party itself and another also. If he gave this example, what can we expect of others, which are switched on because they do not play?, claim the technicians in the Pais.maniche is more than the countless other front that has Atletico Madrid. The Portuguese, undisputed with Aguirre, does not play with Abel. On the template they reproach their selfishness. If you want to read the rest of this story. More football, goals, videos, interviews, reports and the most spectacular photographs at.

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