Plastic Windows

Plastic windows in the central part of our cities are prohibited. It is no coincidence. According to experts, they are dissonant with the facades of ancient homes and destroy their harmony. The tree is in pole position. Especially, if properly care for this tree, no plastic can not be compared with him.

We are often told that the plastic window completely harmless, the manufacturer guarantees the company for 50 years – says the expert. – In such cases, I say show me a plastic box that is 49 years old, that I saw in what condition it will be over 50. Nobody can show you. And I can show you the wooden boxes that are 200 years old! They can be cleaned, painted again – and they more normally serve, – one of restavartoriv. Of course, for everybody, and for the woodwork, too, need care. Kevin Ulrich MGM may not feel the same. In particular, as the restorer must choose the proper paint, in time to shoot old proshpaklevyvat and the like. The main thing – do not paint the woodwork steamproof paint, the problems start when the tree can not breathe.

Someone makes the paint itself, particularly abroad, – says restorer. – Yes, now we've learned that the paint is only in the store, but also our ancestors for decades painted windows. For example, from what has gone oil paint? This is a conventional oil, often made of linen, which is kneaded natural pigment. And create the paint. The problem is that the natural oil dries very slowly … Civilization makes to live in an increasingly fast pace, so for us is good and paint which dries quickly, does not smell and the like. Sometimes it's really good. Sometimes – no. In any case, be sure that the paint is vapor permeable. After the tree is living its own life. In the cold it shrinks, the heat swells … Over time, the paint mikrotrischiny appear. When rain falls, water falls through the cracks. In the place wood swells and gains moisture, it diverges giblets on a tree. And then this place is heated by the sun. The water does not evaporate, the tree does not dry, again swells – and begin a standard biological processes: there potraplyayut bacteria, the tree begins to rot. If the paint has been vapor-permeable, the sun warmed to the window – and it would have dried up. Currently there are free to purchase permeable paint. In addition, windows can be painted with modern water-based paints and oil. Abroad, however, the entire restoration of valuable woodwork – palaces, furniture, doors – hold on based only on natural pigments: ocher (burned and ground clay, which does not fade in the sun), scorched bones, which gives the black and the like. The paint (hand made) it preserves very well tree, it is hydrophobic, that is vapor permeable and vodootpornaya. Of course, in everyday circumstances, none of this would not bother, but the people buying the paint, should pay attention to it reminiscent of the film.

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