Plasma Technology

The main problem of the plasma technology have always been a big pixel size and, consequently, low screen resolution. Development in this direction was going very slowly, but today the problem has been solved – appeared on the market model, capable of pixel density to compete with LCD devices. However, plasma TVs continue to occupy a large segment of the diagonals. The main advantages of plasma displays to point out the high contrast real, deep color and wide viewing angles. Projectors Home purpose projectors – the formation of ultra-diagonal image in the home theater. Objectively, the projectors are the highest quality display means, but we can not ignore the complexity of their installation and the need to provide shading of the hall. Recently, the projectors as a home remedy videootobrazheniya gaining increasing popularity in the world.

Contributes to this decline primarily to value, as well as a new trend – inexpensive and easy to use presentation models are good for use in everyday life. Synonymous with an LCD projector that has become almost an acronym 3LCD. The technology is very simple – the image is formed on the LCD matrix. which works on clearance. 3LD-method differs in that there are three design matrix (the three primary colors RGB), and a special system of mirrors and prisms gathers three light beams into one. Like any method of creating images luminal 3LCD peculiar to the low level of real contrast, and not all the models mentioned problem is solved.

DLP – technology for a fundamentally different type. Here image is formed by the micromirror matrix, and the reflected light from it passes through a spinning color wheel. Thus, one frame is divided into several phases of the colors that appear on the screen sequentially. This technology has a number of specific features – the work on the principle of light reflection provides a high level of contrast of its own, as part of rotating color wheel to create the image provokes the appearance on the screen glowing trails and paths. With the increase in class projector, this problem pales into insignificance, but get rid of the rainbow effect is possible only by applying trehmatrichny method, in which static color filter are utilized. However, in this case the value of DLP-projector is far higher than comparable LCD models. LCoS-technology is more commonly known under the names upon it by the manufacturing companies: D-ILA in Technology JVC and SXRD at Sony. According to the principle of its action as a united LCoS other technologies. The matrix reflects the light from the lamp, but the image is formed coated with a layer of liquid crystals. This method is currently technically greater than the more common 3LCD and DLP, but it is much more expensive and therefore only used in high-end models.

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