Opera Software Distribution

Some additions I mentioned. To name a few. Thus, the addition of Session Manager will ensure that the (automatically or when you select the appropriate command hand) the entire session (ie, the status of all open tabs). As a result, when you open your browser may own or the user's request to open the desired session and restore the status of all open this session of tabs. Supplement ThumbStrips provide automatic generation of mini-screenshots of visited pages to be placed in the form of a tape at the bottom of the screen. These mini-screenshots would be very handy in case return to the previous visited pages, because they do not have to repeatedly click on the "Back" button. At the same time, it seems, everything. Let's talk about the Opera browser.

Developer: Opera Software Distribution: Free Opera – cross-platform browser that runs on various platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Mac os X, Solaris, FreeBSD and Linux and has a high speed. This browser uses the engine Presto, correctly supports all major web-standards (including css 2.1, xhtml 1.1, html 4.01, wml 2.0, ECMAScript, dom 2 and svg 1.1) and has a comfortable and fully customizable interface. It includes many useful features to quickly find information conveniently implemented blocking pop-up-windows, JavScript, and cookies, has built-in synchronization, and much more. In addition, in the Opera included e-mail program and IRC-client, and can be integrated into a variety of widgets. The Opera browser is available in many languages, including Russian. Surfing Individual pages are loaded on separate tabs, which are easily placed in the desired order.

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