OLPC Education

In his educational presentation, the image that has been building of science and technology is not the realities constructed by humans, which, therefore, reflect their interests and prejudices, but the entities ideals within the reach only of a few wise experts that to be so, have been stripped of all interest or bias, by definition incompatible with them. In our country there have been various initiatives to bring technology to the classroom and modernize education systems from best channels and interfaces that help to transfer and assimilate knowledge. Among these projects, one of the best-known is Enciclomedia, a curriculum in every sense of the word, which formally introduces digital technology into classrooms for best educational practices between teacher and student. MULTIMEDIA development and diffusion of modern technologies computing made possible the production of interactive works that include texts, images, films and sounds, as well as providing ample opportunities for consultation. The presentation of information by multimedia technique presents some enormous advantages of synthesis and efficiency, laying them at the apex of new technologies with regards to certain sectors such as for example, education. Multimedia allows very close to our way of reasoning cognitive processes: every page, that can be attached to images and sounds, allows access to various interrelated themes. Development of multimedia is accompanied by the continuous dissemination of an increasingly simple software dedicated to the realization of interfaces or navigation through multimedia roads. These software tools are designed so as to allow easy access to these applications.

An example can be found in the modern educational programs, which allow the student to create and view a multimedia lesson own. Other initiatives such as OLPC or the Intel Classmate PC, are equally ambitious and highly technological projects. Still a way to go to them to find out what have been the results, but it is very true that the only way in which to have greater opportunities for success with this combination technology and education is to understand their contexts and the needs of those who are going to use.

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