North Carolina

It’s a horrible feeling when a parent learns that their children are not served properly. As the case was a year ago in North Carolina where a woman was caught abusing a few twins who were only 7 months of age. That would be a place horrible if my children would have been there. Hanging a picture of the woman to the baby by the feet and one by dropping the child chest so he could reach the TV. That case as more frightening, this abuse can be considered as a crime.

But at least for the father who had installed a hidden camera. He was informed and was able to get a test of this abusive babysitter, and thanks to that was processed before the corresponding authorities. But as a person of trust in swim in these days with all this happens only is the recession in peoples minds but now in order to work and to be able of city his family, also need to worry about by who takes care of your family while they work. The real victims in this case were small babies 7 months and thanks to hidden cameras now they will not be cared for by that abusive babysitter. You always have to be careful people that take charge of our family, and a hidden camera is the best option. You can record any type of compromising situation that can bring out possible abuses of the nanny or babysitter. Original author and source of the article.

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