New Economic Openings

The man who was, can only be in correlation with this world also it was. For our problem faced by both human, no more resources than we get from our own present nature, and more hope that the potential projects that fit our time. The man and his conscience have been hard all the time game, but never like this. For us, the man is the highest concern, is the theme of our time and more economic news, a real catastrophe, coupled with threats of variables surrounding contingencies that are occurring in the scenario of the country. Hence the importance of the analysis of modern management to change.

Especially when faced with globalization, a government that wants to venture into socialism, new economic openings, partnerships, technological threat, competitiveness, poverty, unemployment, new style of management leadership, a management science that has generated new knowledge, tools. Today we are placing greater emphasis on awareness and awakening of the individual within the organization, trying to get a real job satisfaction, to meditate on the idea that people create worlds and impress them not only for the social thought, literature, but the same administration. The reality before changes leads to meditation on Plato, who was one of the first to submit intellectually the predicament that the human was a prisoner of his thoughts and actions. His allegory of the cave that is in Book VII of the Republic, provides an evocative image that has inspired many to explore the relationship between illusion and reality.

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