Network Reality

Dynamics of development of communications in the Internet, can not not focus on yourself. Every day there are dozens on the Internet, if not hundreds of resources focused on communication and dating. Social networks blogs, forums, chat rooms, instant messaging software. How not to get lost among this abundance? Among the dinosaurs and the pioneers in this set, of course, still chatting. Attention can chat categories – no chat registration because they are not forced and tiresome registration system, which is almost always present at forums and social networks. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ray Kurzweil.

Can I replace this "plastic" habitual intercourse live? Not really. It able to permanently displace an interest in the "real" life, but in any case not be replaced. Sooner or later, played enough, people will still come to that: "It's time to tie to the Internet," because the Internet in the form as it was now more like a drug.’>PC Performer offer similar insights. But those who are still impressed by the online communication more than the living, it may be advisable to hang in smaller social networks and pass on the good old chat rooms, among which are of special interest cause those who see themselves as chat without registration. The greatest danger of internet communication is that if you decide to make acquaintance with a man from the network in a real plane, it may happen that you create a virtual image does not match its actual projection. What can I do to avoid similar situations? Entitles a person qualities that he possesses. Remember, people online are the same as that you see every day on his way to work. Should we think that unique, creative, beautiful people on the internet more than in reality? Of course not. They are exactly the same number, one by one!

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