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benefits video games can benefit children because they stimulate learning skills such as creativity, reflection, strategy, ingenuity, cooperation, etc. Obviously these benefits always that children enjoy video games appropriate for their age and to encourage these and other values will be given. Leisure, play and fun are part of children’s learning, is in the hands of parents, just select the films that can be seen or books that can be read, is carried out a control over the choice of video games for children, as well as agree on the time that can be dedicated to playing with the video game console so small only obtain benefits. Let us not forget that abusing video game promotes sedentary lifestyle, except with new sets of interactive sports that also help children to perform physical exercise in a fun way. It will be interesting to review the Decalogue to a responsible and informed of the video game purchase that launched a long association Spanish of distributors and publishers of Entertainment Software (ADEs) together with the National Institute of consumption, this Decalogue directs parents when choosing a game for their children: check the classification by age and description of content in video games attached to the voluntary PEGI classification system.

Before you buy a game for children, learn about its content, what kind of scenes includes, which values transmitted or what their level difficulty. Be responsible and not to renounce its obligations. The classification by age is merely indicative and that there is a risk that the minor purchase at the point of sale a video game not suitable for their age. Clearly identify the specific product that you want to acquire. Be especially careful at the point of sale is when you select a game for children.

You must ensure that the classification of the product is consistent with the age of the user. Avoid buying pirated games and the top blanket. Encourage the use in common of games, shared. Adopt criteria responsible and informed about the correct use of consoles and videogames: limitation of time, distance to the screen, alternating with other games. Try to learn more about the world of video games to know with who play the children. We must ensure also play with them. Assessing the costs of computers, games and options. Video games can benefit children and also the parents, enjoy with our children from this activity will strengthen the relationship on the recreational ground, we must not forget that video games aren’t just for kids, in fact, the study highlights that the average age of the European player is 33 years.

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