MusicMan Series

‘ Grenade X 4 and macro X 6’ as well as her siblings we are pleased about the birth of our little MusicMan sound stations – grenade X 4 and macro X 6 « as well as her siblings » grenade BT-X 4 and macro BT-X 6 « in the Bluetooth versions. In October 2013, with a weight of 153 g, sees the light of the world. Barely on the world the MusicMan sound stations by Technaxx boast their skills ». The small, handy MusicMan sound stations « grenade X 4/BT-X 4 » and « macro X 6/BT-X 6″ shine in selbstdesignten, exclusive sheen. You Flash daily in different bright colors like gold, silver, black, purple and blue. The MusicMan sound stations are quickly packed the small handy solution for everyone! » The MusicMan versions « Grenade X 4 » and « macro X 6 » allow a simple music playback via the built-in radio, a Mirco SD memory card or a USB stick. Using the line-IN cable can link his iPhone, iPad, Tablet PC, PC/notebook, as well as many other mobile phones. Also a headphone Of course there is a connection.

The « grenade BT-X 4 » and the « macro BT-X 6 » also have a Bluetooth function. The « macro BT-X 6 » also has a new feature: the so-called « Near Field Communication », short NFC. This is a wireless transmission technology, which is used for the contactless exchange of data between different devices. The new MusicMan models are all equipped with a built-in, rechargeable lithium battery the question is superfluous for a permanent source of power thus. Technical specifications: function: MicroSD card, USB-stick, line-IN, FM, microphone, Bluetooth (version V3. 0) transmission range Bluetooth: < = 10 m (only when the Bluetooth models) audio track: Mono Headphone Jack maximum output power / resistance: 3W / 4? Frequency: 150 Hz 18 kHz (with output?) S/N ratio / sensitivity: 80dB / 420mV distortion: 1% Technaxx Germany GmbH & co.

KG (EST. 2003 Frankfurt / Main, holder led) requirements promptly and ensure customer – electronic multimedia products, storage media and accessories. In the program are in-house developments (Technaxx, MusicMan and FireMat ). The price is fair and the article always on the cutting edge of technology. Press contact: Verena Thom Krupp str. 105 in 60388 Frankfurt am Main Tel.: 069 / 9047552-15 + fax: 069 / 9047552-16

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